When a will is admitted to probate, an executor takes control of the estate administration processes. Often the executor is a family member or loved one of the decedent, and facing the legal implications after a death can be confusing and quite difficult. Choosing experienced legal representation to move the will and estate through the Surrogate’s Court and the associated tax requirements can substantially relieve your stress.

At Rabin Panero & Herrick, our lawyers assist administrators and  understand the entire process, and we take care of the petition, required affidavits and other proof, so that the appointment of the representative is done quickly and properly. Probate involves ensuring that the decedent’s will is legally valid, the appointment is ordered by the court, and assets, expenses, and taxes are properly administrated. You can be confident that we will keep you informed of the status of our progress so that you, as the executor/administrator, trustee, or as the beneficiary, are protected by proper management until final distribution is made.

Probate & Estate Administration

Rabin, Panero & Herrick assist in the estate administration process. The steps include identifying assets, appraising and valuation matters, maintaining and distributing estate assets and paying estate taxes and debts. We are experienced in litigation and are prepared to handle complex disputes over the distribution of estate assets. Call us to schedule a confidential consultation with an experienced  lawyer.

Trust Administration

We also represent clients in overseeing and distributing the assets in a trust. If you are a trust beneficiary, we can protect your interests in the distribution of trust assets. The duties of a trustee include potential risks and liabilities. We help our clients understand their duties and navigate the complex legal terrain of trust administration.

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